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  • Aquaculture Support Boat
    Showcase Product

    Aquaculture Support Boat

    By Alnmaritec Ltd.

    This versatile support catamaran is built to withstand the rigours of operation in the harsh environment of a fish farm offshore of the Faroe Islands. She is fitted with a 4.5 tonne metre deck crane and a 2 tonne ...

  • Mooring System
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    Mooring System

    By Catvis B.V.

    Catvis can provide you with advice for a proper mooring system of your cages. For a rapid installation and a proper design for all circumstances we supply moorings with prefabricated components.

  • Centralized Hatchery Feeders
    Showcase Product

    Centralized Hatchery Feeders

    By Catvis B.V.

    The OCEA centralized hatchery feeder is capable of distributing feed to all tanks in a hatchery from a central position. Feed is distributed from the feeder to each tank by 20 mm PE pipes. Single feed doses even as ...

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  • OxyVision


    OxyVision is today a market leader in oxygenation for offshore fish farming. Our products for adding oxygen and air to water have travelled around ...

  • Astorplast AS

    Astorplast AS

    Astorplast AS performs perforating, machining and assembly of products made from PE plastic. Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly plastic with ...

  • Integrated Aqua Systems Products Ltd. (IAS)

    Integrated Aqua Systems Products Ltd. (IAS)

    Incorporated in 1987, IAS Products Ltd. is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our worldwide clients also recognize our company as ...

  • InnovaSea Systems, Inc.

    InnovaSea Systems, Inc.

    InnovaSea is committed to developing the next wave of innovative, open-ocean products and services to support the growing aquaculture industry. ...


    Asakua providing turnkey solutions for offshore fish farming projects. Offering solutions from bankable feasibility study to on site installations, ...