Offshore Aquaculture

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  • Denmark generates 140% of energy from wind power.

    Denmark generates 140% of energy from wind power.

    On July 09, 2015, Denmark reached a renewable energy milestone by becoming the first country to generate 140% of its energy needs with wind power. According to The Guardian, the surplus energy was redistributed to neighboring Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The country


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  • Aquaculture Support Boat

    Aquaculture Support Boat

    This versatile support catamaran is built to withstand the rigours of operation in the harsh environment of a fish farm offshore of the Faroe Islands. She is fitted with a 4.5 tonne metre deck crane and a 2 tonne hydraulic capstan and a deck mounted 6.5 kva generator set. She has a resiliently mounted wheelhouse to minimise noise and vibration and she is fitted with the Hamilton Blue arrow vector ...