Offshore Aquaculture

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Denmark generates 140% of energy from wind power.

    Denmark generates 140% of energy from wind power.

    On July 09, 2015, Denmark reached a renewable energy milestone by becoming the first country to generate 140% of its energy needs with wind power. According to The Guardian, the surplus energy was redistributed to neighboring Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The ...

  • Fish Farms - Inspections below the surface

    Fish farms are tackling the increased demand for aquatic food, while underwater drones are tackling regular and ongoing inspections to ensure fish health and the integrity of the enclosures. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Fish Farm Cages

    Fish Farm Cages

    With an innovative design this injection moulded bracket is the best solution for any 2 or 3 pipe cage with a size of up to 315mm. It has been made in a variety of pipe configurations in sizes from 60 to 160 mtr circumference. This HDPE100 injection moulded EXTREME bracket tackles the challenges of off-shore fish farming. With unlimited flexibility using 2 or 3 pipes in sizes from 250 – ...