Oyster Farming

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  • Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

    Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur

    Now learn mushroom growing with Mushroom learning Center, Kolhapur We provide oyster mushroom training and Mushroom seeds as well. Mushroom Seeds are available at cheap rates 100 rs/Kg. Collect seeds in person or by parcel. All India Shipping. We also supply fresh mushrooms and dry mushrooms in India and International exports. Mushroom #Tr


  • Loch Fyne sticks to Scottish only salmon

    But it insisted it would not change this buying policy. The other  factor was  labour costs, particularly during peak seasonal periods when higher than planned  overtime was needed. Group results for Loch Fyne, which specialises in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Pneumatic Clipping Machine

    Pneumatic Clipping Machine

    Series 9 and 12 For all shellfish bagging Choice of manuel or automatic operation Adjustable height Several clip sizes.