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  • Tubular Enclosed Photobioreactors
    Showcase Product

    Tubular Enclosed Photobioreactors

    By CanaQuest

    Cultivating algae in enclosed photobioreactors has drawn a lot of attention in recent years due to the ability to better control algae cultivation conditions. This has resulted in larger algae yields compared to open ...

  • Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor
    Showcase Product

    Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor

    By MasseReaction, Inc.

    It is the patented Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor. ViPAR is the world’s first algae photobioreactor capable of producing utility scale quantities of algae feedstock for the profitable production of ...

  • Photobioreactor with Microalgae
    Showcase Product

    Photobioreactor with Microalgae

    By neomar GmbH

    The neomar technology supports the utilization of waste and remaining nutrients. This is possible, due to the low water renewal rate of less than 1% of the system volume per day. Particulate and ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Aqualgae


    In Aqualgae we are a multidisciplinary team with knowledge in different fields such as biology, biotechnology and engineering. We aim to achieve the ...

  • Subitec GmbH

    Subitec GmbH

    Subitec is a German technology company headquartered in Stuttgart specializing in process engineering and the supply of microalgae cultivation ...

  • Greensea


    In the context of protection of a unique environment, and thanks to the vision and work of Yves Pietrasanta (Mayor of Mèze and President of the ...

  • Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd

    Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd

    Varicon Aqua is the manufacturer of the Phyco range of photobioreactors and the Cell-Hi line of algal nutrients. We are based in the UK and our team ...

  • Cellana LLC

    Cellana LLC

    Cellana, a leading developer of algae-based bioproducts, uses the most productive plants on earth - marine microalgae - to photosynthetically produce ...