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  • Choosing your microalgae production system

    Today, microalgae play an important role in our daily life from food to biofuel. But how are they cultivated? What are the necessary tools to produce algae biomass?The production of microalgae is getting easier. Innovating systems are now available ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Dissolved Oxygen Probe

    Aquaculture Dissolved Oxygen Probe

    The RDO PRO-X Probe continuously monitors dissolved oxygen and temperature in ponds, tanks, and raceways. With accuracy up to ±0.1 mg/L, it’s the most accurate DO probe available for aquaculture management, with flexible communications that link easily to telemetry and SCADA/PLS systems for 24/7 monitoring. This durable probe requires no calibration, conditioning, or membranes. The ...


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  • Aquaculture Europe 2019

    Aquaculture Europe 2019

    The German aquaculture sector is unique in its diversity, ranging from extensive cultivation systems in ponds and coastlines to intense indoor farming. The annual aquaculture production of fish and mussels accounts for 33,000 tonnes. Main finfish species common carp and other cyprinids are produced in warm water ponds, rainbow trout and other salmonids in flow-through and raceways systems. ...

Aquaculture Europe 2019

Oct. 6rd - 9th | Berlin