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  • How do I start a home based fishing farm business?

    How do I start a home based fishing farm business?

    Why Start a Fish Farming Business? Fish is a delicious and nutritious source of protein, rich in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, which improve our heart health and lower blood cholesterol. Farmed fish play an important role in meeting global protein needs.The rise of fish in the home today opens up many lucrative opportunities. Home-raised fish can easily be sold nearby or around restau

  • Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN)

    Cause of the DiseaseInfectious pancreatic necrosis (also known as Acute catarrhal enteritis) is one of the first described and most extensively studied diseases of fish. There are strains and ...


  • The Aquaculture Daily

    The Aquaculture Daily

    Aquaculture has a lower FCR (feed conversion ratio) than that of terrestrial animals. For instance, creating 1 kilogram of salmon requires only 1.2 kilograms of feed, while 1 kilogram of pork requires 3 kilograms of feed. There are two main reasons ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Bio-hazards can be catastrophic in the fish farming and aquaculture industries. Incineration is still seen as the most reliable and cost effective solution to this ongoing problem. Once you have commissioned an Inciner8 incinerator, any outbreaks or contaminations can be quickly spotted and dealt with using the incinerator at source. Livestock therefore suffers less, while the livestock industry ...