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  • ‘Redesign’ aquaculture for the future says funder

    THE aquaculture industry needs a ‘complete redesign’ if it is to meet a global requirement to triple production by 2050 and feed a growing world population.That is the thinking behind Aqua-Spark, the Netherlands based aquaculture fund that invests in sustainable growth in the sector.Amy Novogratz, speaking on the opening day of the Aquaculture Innovation Europe


  • Don’t stress our fish, campaigners told

    SALMON farmers have urged anti-aquaculture campaigners to find peaceful ways to voice their objections to the sector ahead of a planned stunt at west coast sites this weekend.Scottish Sea Farms said the proposed water based protest, which calls for ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Clean In Place (CIP)

    Clean In Place (CIP)

    Washing surfaces with water containing dissolved ozone has been shown to effectively inactivate microorganisms such as E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Giaridia. Cleaning surfaces and dairy fixtures such as containers and pipes can be easy and effective with the Mazzei ozone CIP system. It requires no assembly or large equipment. Developed as a skid system, it uses the Mazzei GDT process in a ...