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  • Perma Skirt
    Showcase Product

    Perma Skirt

    By Botngaard AS

    In Lice skirt V-2018 Botngaard has revolutionized the way lice skirts are made. 3½ years of product development have resulted in a skirt that gives extreme value for money.

  • Azamethiphos
    Showcase Product


    By Europharma Scotland Ltd.

    Azasure (500mg/g Azamethiphos) Powder for Suspension for Fish Treatment. Used for: control of mature pre-adult to adult sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) or (Caligus spp.) on farmed Atlantic salmon.

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  • Stingray Marine Solutions AS

    Stingray Marine Solutions AS

    Stingray Marine Solutions AS is based on entrepreneur Esben Beck`s patented idea from 2010 for the removal of sea lice by means of camera vision and ...