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  • Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellets Advantages

    Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellets Advantages

    In order to improve the fish feed utilization of digestion and absorption, reduce the impact of feed pellets on the water environment, and improve the efficiency of aquaculture. Fusmar Machinery has obtained better economic and social benefits by improving the quality of fish feed machinery and processing technology. I


  • Egemar Marine Aquaculture Ras Skid Systems

    EGEMAR MARINE AQUACULTURE PROJECT SCOPE OF WORK The project scope of the Egemar Marine Aquaculture Facility is the development of a completely new fish hatchery with multi-stage RAS equipment. Egemar’s target is to produce saltwater fish ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Submersible Netcages for Offshore Farming

    Submersible Netcages for Offshore Farming

    This "Vineta" cages are developed for industrial farming of various fish species (i.e.: Seabass, Seabream, Grouper, Salmon, Sturgeon etc.) all the year round at exposed open water areas such as seas and oceans. To prevent demage from storm impact and to provide optimum conditions for fish farming, the cage can be submerged. Completed with a painted or galvanized framework with a net chamber ...