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Seaweed Farming equipment for Aquaculture

  • Private Label & Ingredients

    Ocean Harvest Technology Limited is also able to produce private label formulations for clients with specific requirements, and will also conduct contract research for those clients to optimise private label blends. In some cases, for those clients wishing to integrate seaweed functionality into finished feeds or premixes, Ocean Harvest Technology ...

    By Ocean Harvest Technology Limited based in Milltown, IRELAND.

  • Hard Wearing Grass Seed

    This grass seed mixture is suitable for new and existing lawns or amenity areas. It is an economical landscape ryegrass mixture that establishes quickly giving rapid cover and good wear tolerance. Contains 70% Perennial Ryegrass & 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue. Sow at 35g/m2. This mixture has also been treated with a seed dressing called ...

    By Agrigem Ltd based in Market Rasen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Caledonian Kelpie - Model 40L - Seaweed Enriched Soil Improver

    Caledonian Kelpie Seaweed enriched soil improver is made entirely from 100% composted green and woody plant material blended with seaweed in accordance with the high standards required by the Association for Organic Recycling.

    By Forth Resource Management Ltd. based in North Berwick, East Lothian, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Algapower - Amino Acids

    ALGAPOWER is a product made from concentrated seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) containing amino acids of vegetal origin and biologically active substances. The action of the amino acid complements the algae beneficial effects on crops. It provides nitrogen and protein substances, in order to avoid the extra energy expenditure, that amino ...

    By Arvensis Agro S.A. based in Fuentes de Ebro, SPAIN.

  • Stimplex - Liquid Seaweed

    Stimplex is a liquid seaweed extract derived from pure sources of North Atlantic Ascophyllum Nodosum using a unique extraction process designed for maximum performance and consistency. Regular applications will increase photosynthesis and nutrient usage to promote overall crop health and increase resilience to physiological and nutritional stress. ...

    By Ilex EnviroSciences Limited based in Lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cropearnicus - Specialty Formulation

    Cropearnicus is a specialty formulation based on stabilised phosphite and contains a complete nutrition package to increase plant tolerance to diseases, environmental stresses and achieve high yields. The composition of Cropearnicus activates the immune system response of plants and promotes rooting.

    By Crop Intellect Ltd based in Lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Dücker - Model UMK 16/18/21 - Robust Mower

    The robust mower-, mulcher- and crusher- machines of the serie UMK are ideal for working on tractors with 23 till 44 kW (30 till 60 HP). The working width are available from 1.60, 1.80 and 2.10 meters. The versatile adjustment possibilities of the attachment point of the three-point hydraulic, enables the mounting of the unit onto every ...

    By Gerhard Dücker GmbH & Co. KG based in Stadtlohn (DE), GERMANY. from Uni-Mower Product line

  • Polidas - Model G 500 - Polyethylene Wide Mouth Olive and Brine Tanks

    All Polidaş polyethylene tanks are trustable and high quality. Imported raw materials include UV also produced by using latest rotation technology and linear polyethylene blow molding machines.

    By POLIDAS Ltd based in Kemalpaşa, TURKEY. from Food Industry Product line

  • Ecoyerba - Model 1250ml - Bloom Fertilizer

    BATLLE Bloom Fertilizer is a nutritive complex of high assimilation based on Vitamin B1, natural extract of seaweed and 100% organic guano designed to promote rapid and abundant floral induction, as it stimulates the process of photosynthesis and energy harvesting, getting larger fruits with more flavor and more palatable in a shorter lapse of ...

    By Grupo Batlle S.A based in Molins de Rei, SPAIN. from Gardening Products - Fertilizers- Liquid and Soluble Product line

  • Fertilizer Production Line - Model - Fertilizer Production Line

    We are fertilizer production line manufacturer in China, We supply organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, Fertilizer Granulating production line, etc. our fertilizer production line sales all over the world. We are engaged in agricultural environmental technology development, reducing waste recycling and fertilizer ...

  • Seaweed Collecting Technology

    Since 2010, Thomsea has developed technical solutions that make it possible to collect seaweeds (red algae: Soleria, green algae: Ulva, brown algae: Sargassum) suspended in the water, or already washed up along beaches. Our expertise: we master seaweed pumping out that we have gained by the sea skills the THOMSEA staff got within the fishermen' s ...

    By Thomsea based in Saint Hilaire de Riez, FRANCE.

  • Nutri-Zyme - Nutritional Elements

    Nutri-Zyme is a unique blend of nutritional elements for use as a water or feed additive used in the production of Poultry, Cattle and Horses. Nutri-Zyme can be used throughout all life stages to provide a supplemental nutritional source of essential nutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc, and potassium.

    By Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc. based in Doniphan, MISSOURI (USA). from Livestock Product line

  • Seawinner - Model I - Functional Fertilizer

    Product feature: Brown liquid, pH: 3-5, specific gravity: 1.05-1.1. Main ingredients:Bio-Iodine≥10g/L, Chitosan oligosaccharide≥10g/L, N≥20g/L, K2O≥20g/L.

    By Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co., Ltd. based in Qingdao, CHINA. from Seaweed Functional Fertilizer Product line

  • CaBoron - Seaweed Functional Fertilizer

    Product feature: Black brown liquid, pH: 3.5-5, specific gravity: 1.43-1.48.

    By Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co., Ltd. based in Qingdao, CHINA. from Seaweed Functional Fertilizer Product line

  • Acadian - Formulation

    ASL Technical Ingredients for Formulation Use are comprised of Active Compounds designed to synergize with other materials in your custom products - immediately setting them apart from others on the market.

    By Acadian Seaplants Limited based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Products for plant Product line

  • Garden-Ville - Liquid Seaweed

    Nature's perfect blend of minerals used to promote healthy growth and resistance to stressors.

    By Garden-Ville based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA). from Fertilizers Product line

  • Novarbo Aino - Seaweed Extract Liquid Conditioner

    Aino Seaweed Extract is a liquid conditioner for plants that is suitable for organic production. Suitable for plant production, outdoor vegetables and garden. Aino Seaweed Extract is a natural conditioner that stimulates plant growth, and improves their resistance to frost and uptake of nutrients. It also increases their resistance against pests ...

  • Mineralized Liquid Seaweed

    A unique blend of high quality liquid seaweed extract and nutrient dense low-sodium ionic sea mineral concentrate.

    By Earth Alive Clean Technologies based in LASALLE, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Agriculture Product line

  • Model KPC 100 - Advanced Control System

    Nyle Kiln Processing controller provided by Nyle Systems features a 3.5' touch screen control interface that monitors kiln status, temperatures, and controls. Control comes complete with 8 relays for equipment and records entire kiln process.KPC100 comes in 15 x 12 x 7 custom cabinet.

    By Nyle Systems based in Brewer, MAINE (USA). from Control Product line

  • Rumen Booster

    A Unique Product scientifically formulated to give  high performance ruminants a productive edge. Rumen Boosters powerful and long lasting rumen buffering effect is due to its combination of bicarbonate, calcified seaweed, live yeast and Tidal Gold. A range of “B” Vitamins including choline chloride have also been added to assist ...

    By Britmilk based in Dumfries, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rumen Health Product line

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