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    Fish Pumps

    By Aquaservice S.A

    Aquaservice S.A is the manufacturer of pumps model AQUA, for more than 20 years we are specialized in the development and design of transferring pumps for all kind of fishes and crustaceans such as salmon, trout, ...

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  • Maturation diets for shrimp

    In recent years, shrimp culture has become one of the most important aquaculture industries in the ...

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  • Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC (SIS)

    Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC (SIS)

    Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC (SIS), is the world leader in selective breeding of shrimp. Started in 1998, Shrimp Improvement Systems is located in ...

  • Aquaservice S.A

    Aquaservice S.A

    Aquaservice was founded in the city of Puerto Montt in 1990. Initially the company was focused on giving comprehensive services to the aquaculture ...