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  • Shrimp farming: Why prevention is better than medicine

    Shrimp farming: Why prevention is better than medicine

    Disease challenges that have affected a number of key shrimp production regions around the world in recent years have increased the focus on producing healthier and more robust stocks. In addition to establishing very strict sanitary requirements, many shrimp farmers have sought new health-specific diets across the shrimp lifecycle that progress growth and reduce bacterial challenges. Some, ...

  • 1 mm Pond Liner for Shrimp Ponds in Indonesia

    1 mm pond liner product is most popular for aquaculture farm projects such as fish or shrimp pond. BPM is the professional geomembrane manufacturer who has been dedicated to supplying ...


  • Development Prospect Of Aquaculture Industry

    Development Prospect Of Aquaculture Industry

    The fish feed machine is used to make fish feed pellets. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer, which can provide various types of machines according to customers' requirements.  Consumer Demand Of ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Larval Feeds

    Larval Feeds

    LARVIVA zoea and mysis: Complete nutritional profile. Microencapsulation technology at low temperature. Excellent physical quality. Contains Bactocell®, a probiotic that is well documented to have positive effect on shrimp survival and growth.