Tilapia Farming

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  • What Types Of Fish You Can Farm in Nigeria

    Fish farming a profitable business in Nigeria, let’s now proceed to decide which specie of fish we want to farm. Below are some of the most popular fish species that is suitable for Aquaculture.1. Catfish Even though Catfish is not the most popular fish in Nigeria, this fish species is by far


  • Tilapia Growth Environment

    Tilapia Growth Environment

    Tilapia prefer to grow in a warm environment, but the farmer that raises a large area, how to keep them warm in winter. Because tilapia is particularly vulnerable to death in winter. In the winter, the weather is cold, and the tilapia`s constitution ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Broodstock Silver Tilapia

    Broodstock Silver Tilapia

    Til-Aqua Silver broodstock for the production of Wildtype Nile Tilapia. Ideal for bigger market size fish or filleting.Highly reproductive with a male ratio of > 95%.Grow easily upto one kilo or more with a fillet percentage of 33-35%.