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  • Tilapia for Industrial Scale
    Showcase Product

    Tilapia for Industrial Scale

    By Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Inc. (BRA)

    Blue Ridge Aquaculture (BRA) produces Tilapia on an industrial scale. Tilapia are hardy herbivores that grow well in high stocking densities. The company raises nearly four million pounds of Tilapia each year at its ...

  • Silver Tilapia
    Showcase Product

    Silver Tilapia

    By Til-Aqua International

    Til-Aqua Silver NMT. Our Wildtype All Male Tilapia growing very fast under all conditions: cages, ponds, RAS. Uniform, fast growing.

  • Stun & Maintencance Tubes
    Showcase Product

    Stun & Maintencance Tubes

    By Ace Aquatec Ltd

    The stun tube renders the fish unconscious within 1 second. The maintenance tube maintains the fish in the electric field to ensure the fish remain unconscious. The length of the stun and maintenance tubes will be ...

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  • Rivendell Hatchery

    Nicholas James, owner of Rivendell Hatchery offers experience in Tilapia farm design, construction and operation. We have successful projects in ...