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10 Regenerative Agriculture Practices Every Grower Should Follow


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Worrying about bad crops due to poor soil should be a thing of the past. Modern farming that uses regenerative agriculture techniques have found greater success through 10 simple, but highly effective, practices.  Learn about these practices, along with benefits to soils, crops, the environment, and the positive economic benefits.

  1. Reduced or No-till Farming Practices
  2. Cover Cropping
  3. Composting
  4. Increasing Crop Diversity
  5. Organic Annual Cropping
  6. PhycoTerra® Soil Microbe Food
  7. Animal Integration
  8. Managed Grazing
  9. Silvopasture
  10. Agroforestry

Within these practices, PhycoTerra®  Soil Microbe Food, developed by Heliae® Agriculture, plays a vital foundational role in bringing out the best in the abundance and diversity of microbes in your soils, driving soil health and regeneration of agricultural lands.  We are excited to partner with you on this journey![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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