Akarua Vineyard Case Study


Courtesy of Vinea

Approximately two years ago, Mark Naismith (Vineyard Manager) for Akarua Ltd, a wine producer based in Central Otago, began to looks at ways of capturing the business information 'at the point of entry'.


Mark stated `I needed to integrate a number of requirements for a system to be considered at our vineyard locations`.

  • Payroll

  • Tracking costs of goods produced across several production designations

  • Health and Safety

`As a hand’s on manager of 48 hectares of vineyard, managing 10-55 staff, I was getting bogged down in payroll management and the information whilst coded was not getting used in practical way to track our production costs. To work through time sheets and track codes manually was time consuming and impractical`.

Mark also reiterated `with the changes in health and safety laws well publicised it seemed logical for us to continue to build on our H&S culture in everyday activities. Vinea would be of great value here and would allow us to capture information at a supervisors level in the field helping us to effectively deliver our message to the staff in the field that they had received training or hazard reminders.`

With Vinea always looking at ways to make improvements Mark is excited about some of the possibilities the Vinea will be able to offer in the future and has confidence that Infopower will be a key business partner for Akarua as they continue to expand.

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