Aquafeed Processing Technology and Equipment


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As one of the fastest growing food processing industry in the world, aquaculture has provided more than half of all aquatic products for human consumption. The rapid and healthy development of aquaculture industry can hardly do without the support of artificial breeding technology, knowledge of nutritional requirement to aquatic animals, aquafeed processing technology, feed production equipment and so on. Over the past years, the technique of fish feed production has proceeded rapidly and most aquaculture farmers are fond of using floating extruded pellet to feed their fish because floating feed makes it easier for them to observe fish intake and estimate feeding amount. Here, Amisy Fish Feed Machinery will state the processing technology and equipment of aquafeed and put forward some suggestions. As the leading fish feed machines and production line manufacturer, Amisy can provide aquafeed processing equipment from raw material processing to finished feed bagging.

Crushing Technology and Equipment

The common crushing equipment contain fish feed hammer mill and droplet fish feed crusher. Usually, the former is used for rough grinding, which needs to add sieve during crushing process so as to return coarse grain for further milling. All in all, the choice of crushing technique and crushing equipment should depend on the analysis of aquatic animal species, the analysis of feedstuff features and types, and the analysis of specified requirement of aquafeed quality.

Mixing Technology and Equipment  

Briefly, the use of mixing technology and fish feed mixer should consider the following points: choose high cost-performance mixing machine; some raw materials should be crushed first before mixing while some should be mixed and classified before grinding; when processed in the equipment, the water content of crushed raw materials with granular shape would be decreased along with the constant rising of heat.

Pelleting Technology and Equipment

Generally, there are two types aquafeed extrusion machines, including dry type fish feed extruder and wet type fish feed extruder, which can be adopted to produce floating, sinking and slow-sinking aquatic feed to meet the ingestion requirements of diverse aqua animals. When choosing dry or wet type extruder, it is necessary to consider the water content of feed raw materials because the biggest difference between the two machines is that the wet one is equipped with a boiler for adding water or steam in the production processing.

Drying/Cooling Technology and Equipment

Based on counter flow cooling theory, Amisy fish feed cooler is able to cool the pellets completely and evenly, reducing pellets temperature from about 85 Celsius down to about 5 Celsius above surrounding temperature, and lowering pellets water content from nearly eighteen percents to about thirteen percents. In a word, suitable drying/cooling processing can make fish feed easier to store and transport, which makes it be considerable link in the feed production.

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