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Aquarium of Novice, How to Set Up a Low Tech Planted Tank?

More and more people like to make an aquarium landscape, but they do not know the specific steps, have been afraid to try this! Today, we will tell you a brief introduction about the process of novice landscape.

First of all, prepare a 60*45*45 fish tank. It is best to use   fish tank filter box, which flow is up to 600L per hour, set up LED water grass fish tank light is the best. If you want to plant red grass, the kind of water grass lamp with red light beads will be better.


What kind of fish tank materials will be used? Rhododendron Root, substrate, blue dragon stone, volcanic stone (debris). In order to better activate the bottom of the aquarium, we also prepare bacterium powder. Water plants will be planted Java Fern, Anubias Nana and Little Triangle Moss.

This fish tank landscape belongs to the convex structure. Firstly, laying the bacterium powder in the middle of the fish tank, then covered with volcanic rock particles, and finally surrounded with blue dragon stone! The function of the blue dragon stone is mainly to isolate the external substrate.

Fill in the space of substrate, then tidy up, preferably with an aquarium brush, it's easier to clean.

In the middle of the tank, the position of laid blue dragon stone, filled with a right amount of water grass mud which can provide nutrition for water grass. Because invisible water grass is growing slowly, it does not need too much fertilizer.

It is Key Step, start to place aquarium driftwood, we mainly use Rhododendron Roots. You can also use the Alders Root. Gentiana is a good choice as well!

Wood-putting finished, let’s see the aquascaping, don’t you feel so familiar? Many superiors also do this kind of aquarium landscape. It's easy to learn for the beginner.

There's a certain amount of attention to the water plant, the Java Fern should be placed at the back or the highest position of the landscape, there's no need to plant Java Fern in the water plant mud. Stick Moss on Rhododendron Root and directly planted Anubias Nana into the stone.

The entire landscape has been completed. When adding water, you must pay attention to laying a plastic film on the bottom of the fish tank to allow the water flowing from the film. So that the fish tank bottom will not be washed away, otherwise, the entire landscape will be damaged.


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