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BBA Pumps irrigation pumps, an unseen hero of daily life


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The Netherlands receives on average 800 mm of rain each year. This, you may feel is the reason why you relatively never see BBA irrigation pumps out in the field. But it is more likely due to the fact that the B series of irrigation pumps rarely sits idle. Due to their convenient mounting on a wheelbarrow frame they can be easily returned back to the barn as soon as the job is done.

This B60-220 self-priming irrigiation pump is therefore almost invisible through daily life.

But the owner of this pump and the cranberries which are sprayed is very happy with this solution. 'Once the pump casing is filled with water, then it is a simple matter of putting the suction hose in the water, turning the ignition key and the unit starts pumping automatically. Once we are done with spraying then we put the pump back in the barn, so the risk of theft is eliminated and the pump is well protected from the elements.'

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