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Bi-On, a product suitable for use in organic agriculture


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Bi-On, a product suitable for use in organic farming

Ecological, organic or biological agriculture is a cultivation system based on the optimum use of natural resources without using synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), thus being able to produce organic foods, as well as preserving the fertility of the soil and respecting the environment. All this in a sustainable, balanced and maintainable manner.

For an agro-food product to be officially considered organic it must

  • comply with the current legislation on organic agriculture (principally EC Regulation 834/2007 in the EU and the NOP Regulations in the USA)
  • be certified by a competent body
  • be labelled with the official 'organic agriculture' stamp/logo.

As defined in Article 1, Title I of EC Regulation 834/2007, products included in the area of application of the above-mentioned regulations are:

  • live or unprocessed agricultural products,
  • processed agricultural products for use as food,feed,
  • vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivation.

Bi-On pellets cannot be directly included in any of these categories and cannot be certified as an organic/biological product. However, insofar as their action is limited to removing air pollutants and they do not come into contact with the foodstuffs, their use does not conflict with compliance with the above-mentioned regulations and they are therefore considered as:

'A product suitable for use in organic agriculture according to the EC 834/2007 and NOP regulations”

This statement can be included in the labelling and documentation of Bi-On® pellets, Transproteck filters and Ethyl Stopper sachets. Their inclusion in the ECOCERT website (see link) is a guarantee of compliance for the customer.

A printed copy of this Internet site can be submitted to the competent organic certification body and will be considered as a sufficient evidence. For print click here

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