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Biomass estimation equations for tropical deciduous and evergreen forests


In this study, linear and non-linear regression equations were developed to estimate biomass of tropical forests along with estimates of goodness of fit and percentage of errors. Basal area, average height of trees and tree density data from published reports, were used to develop equations to estimate biomass of deciduous and evergreen forests. Basal area and height of trees are found to give high goodness of fit and low percentage of errors for deciduous forests. Generally, the coefficient of determination (r²) was low for evergreen forests, probably due to the presence of trees of different height in different canopies that may have different growth rates. The coefficient of determination was high and estimate of error was low for deciduous forests. Thus, the biomass estimate equations for deciduous forests are precise and therefore useful for field applications.

Keywords: tropical forests, biomass estimation, deciduous forests, evergreen forests, basal area, tree height

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