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Briquetting of Biomass: How to Make Best Use of Waste?


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Do you know that proper management of waste from different kinds of agricultural operations can contribute in a significant way.

You must have heard the saying ‘waste not want not’. It has been observed that proper management of waste from different kinds of agricultural operations can add up in a particular way. The waste management helps to create a healthy environment not for man but for other living beings as well. It can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and provide nutrients for crop production.

The agriculture wastes are not limited to manure, litter, bedding, waste feed and other dairy products. They can pollute the environment if not managed properly. Every man should believe in giving back to the environment. The objective is to promote sustainable agricultural growth and turn them into renewable source of fuel.

Instead of leaving the agricultural waste in open, it can be converted into all kinds of conceivable biodegradable material and broken down in simplest form. This Earth enhancing compost can make the soil fertile and get rid of all kinds of mechanical waste. One such product is fuel briquette making machine which comes in different models. These are based on high pressure working and allow a number of superior quality briquettes.

In other words, it can be said that briquetting plant can deliver solid briquettes that have better combustion characteristics. It allows production of homogenous briquettes that do not decompose so easily. The briquettes that are produced are eco-friendly in nature with renewable green energy as desired by the industry.

The working of a briquetting plant is based on renewable source of energy and is one of the best substitutes for firewood. The fuel briquettes can be made from plant that usually go waste which include sawdust, paper, husks, leaves and other agricultural wastes.

One requires minimum investment to start a briquetting plant. You can make these briquettes by hand with the help of plastic mold. Therefore due to conventional cost of fuel like coal, wood or natural gas there is a need for natural gas. It is a renewable, clean and environment-friendly fuel especially for developing countries.

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