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Calendar reports from growers and distributors for A100 case study


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6th July Des Boxall - Queensland
Reports that a baby squash grower noted increased growth rates 3 days after inoculation and, after 7 days, an increase in the number of flowers obtained.

29th July Wonder Gardens Pty - Fiji
One week after dosing Lettuce section No.3 doing exceptionally well (1 week transplanted)

7th August Booyong Hydroponics - Fiji
Did not reintroduce Amnite A100 to his nutrient tank. Two days later, the first time for several weeks, he lost some lettuces (about 15) to collar rot.

14th August Wonder Gardens Pty - Fiji
Reports: ‘root diseases continually plague our operations here in the tropics...The longest running trial using A100 consists of 60 benches of head lettuce (approx 11,000 plants). These lettuce seedlings were transplanted to the growing benches on 15 July and treatment commenced on 23 July. This crop has been an inspiration to us as we have watched the plants grow evenly and with magnificent vigour, rich colour and shine. They will be harvested this week or 30 days from transplant!’

18th August Western Australia
A herb grower who manages a WA hydroponics operation has wiped out a bad pythium outbreak in less than two weeks.

21st August Wonder Gardens Pty - Fiji
‘Apart from the lettuce break through, the most promising results are the seeming Capsicum resistance to the mosaic problem even though they are beside badly infected old plants.’

19th September Wonder Gardens Pty - Fiji
‘The trials using regular applications of A100 continue to produce magnificent lettuces of all varieties. The results can only be described as spectacular since its introduction on the 23 July. There are considerable compensations in the savings of water and nutrients as the dumping of solutions are less frequent. The high powered ultra-violet lamps have also been done away with resulting in large savings in power.’

19th September Australian Native Protea Grower - Western Australia.
For the first time in his history his three large greenhouses are free of pythium.

15th November Mike Davies - Western Australia
‘Mike’s run-to-waste system is performing really well. His wife confirmed the following:- Continental (Carmen) cucumbers took 5 weeks from seed to picking, normally it is 8-10 weeks. Lebanese-Luna cucumbers took 6 weeks from seed to picking, normally 8-10 weeks. They are thus growing quicker plus are obtaining more cucumbers per plant. This is on the new planting which they have dosed from day one.’

28th December VegeeFresh Ltd - Auckland, NZ
Distributor reports: ‘Many of them had problems with root zone and from time to time all have to combat the leaf zone problems. With Amnite A100 most of the fungal problems are gone or well under control. Tasker: 60,000sq ft tomatoes, recirculating hydroponics. Yield from his plants has been 50% greater....the general quality of the fruit has been graded best in the market...
Thurston: 80,000/100,000 hydroponics head lettuce...has had many problems with pythium, leaf rust, downy mildew etc...has had some great results with Amnite A100 Dalkie - Lettuce grower: Shing - Lettuce grower similar reports. I know all this sounds too good to be true.....with the results to date all growers using Amnite A100 see it as the light back to success.’

23rd January Boxsell Hydroponics - Burbank, Queensland
‘The result of A100 on my own system was and is dramatic. For the first time in six years of operation I have gone through 3 seasons without pythium/phytophthora attacks. The lettuce are of premium quality...The most dramatic result attributed to A100 occurred late August 95. I was called to Woombye to help an indoor tomato grower. The entire tomato crop was pythium infected ....entire crop loss... bank threatening foreclosure in six weeks. Dosed with and a half week later the diseases/pathogens were is no longer under threat of foreclosure.

7th March Timbertop Hyroponics - Woodford ,Queensland
‘I have been using this product (A100) for four months now and it has completely cleared up my system and I have seen no traces of pythium since using it.’

13th April J Danastasi Hydroponics Grower - New South Wales
Grower had one section fancy lettuces with severe pythium infection. The section was dosed with A100 and a disease free section with an identical crop used as a control. The treated plants became larger and healthier looking than the control plants but it was noticable that the roots were not as large and clean as the control’s.

It has been repeatedly shown that A100 ensures that diseased plants can recover and even with smaller root systems uptake nutrients more efficiently than the control plants.

Danastasi also commented that he was able to raise his EC levels to those where he would normally expect to see “tip burn”. This is a common observation above growers using A100.

17th April Fleurieu Hydroponics - Victor Harbour SA
‘...we were in diabolical trouble. We grow fancy lettuce NFT style using Accent hydroponics gullies, we have 13,500 lettuces in the system at one time....between Botrytis hitting the stems and Pythium attacking the roots we were in a sorry state. We were spraying fortnightly with Benlate and Rovral alternately.... did not seem to have any effect. .....since I followed your instructions we have turned the whole thing round. Your Amnite A100 is Excellent. ... our plants are growing quicker, they have a sheen on them that looks like we’ve sprayed oil on them. They are growing more evenly, the roots are nice and white and healthy...’

30th April Agius and Bonallo - NSW
Two hydroponics growers who 3-4 weeks earlier had experienced severe pythium infections. They then began dosing with Amnite A100. ....showed us lettuce that had been so severely affected by disease that they had lost all their roots. These plants would normally have been dumped... kept as a curiosity to see how A100 would perform. They were now beautifully healthy and of equal size to other less badly affected plants.

30th April Malaysia
One mine owner planting trees on old mine sites reports that while previously he had lost many of the trees to nematodes, once the root areas were treated with Amnite A100 the trees recovered and the nematodes were no longer a problem.

17th June Visit J Danastasi
Whole farm on A100. All plants looking beautiful and, even though weather has been very wet and cold, growth rates of plants exceeding the best growth previously achieved in mid-summer.

17th June Visit Bonallo and Agius
Whole farm healthy and disease free. No collar rot at any location whereas this would have normally started by this time of year (early winter).

9th October Fruit Trees
Preliminary results using Amnite A100 to treat diseased banana and pawpaw trees showing promise.

25th October Substantial yield increases being obtained by strawberry and rose growers using A100.

6th November Strawberry Grower
Hydroponics strawberry grower. Was losing crop to phytophthora some eight weeks ago. All root systems were rotten, smelly and a few mm long. Adjusted nutrient solution and commenced dosing with A100. Crops now fine and have been certified by Ag. Dept as free from disease.

6th November Lisianthus Grower
Had been experiencing a 15% loss of crop. Treatment with A 100 has eliminated the losses. Only one plant plant out of 15,000 found to be sick.

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