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Colorado cannabis grow facility saved from license revoke by implementing an odor-armor 420 odor management plan - Case Study


Courtesy of Benzaco Scientific, Inc.

The Problem: A licensed cannabis grow facility in the mountains of Colorado recently was saved from the imminent inevitability of being shut-down for persistent nuisance odor complaints from the neighbors. Although the owner had previously installed high-pressure fogging nozzles to treat odors from the greenhouse exhaust fans, odor complaints began to flood in…threatening the continued existence of the business.

The Objective: or the purpose of optimizing the existing odor control system to operate as it completely should, a thorough review of the system was conducted including:

  • Nozzle placement
  • Cross-wind affects
  • Choice of odor counteractant
  • Feed-rate of the counteractant
  • Contact-time of the counteractant with the cannabis odors.

The Purpose: The purpose is to measure existence, strength, and characteristics of nuisance odors at the property line and the surrounding community utilizing Nasal Ranger technology. The Nasal Ranger is a state-of-the-art portable, field olfactometer for confidently measuring and quantifying odor strength in the ambient air. Since the detection of odors is mostly subjective in nature, this device provides odor detecting and measuring values which determines ambient odor “Dilution-to-Threshold” (D/T) values objectively.

The Solution: With a cooperative effort from both Fogco Systems and Benzaco Scientific, engineers designed and constructed diversion hoods over each greenhouse exhaust fan to minimize the effect of the strong cross-winds blowing across the fans. The hoods increased the contact time between the Odor-Armor 420 and the cannabis odor. As a result, the subsequent odor mapping from the Nasal Ranger testing demonstrated “no discernable marijuana odor” at neither the facility property boundary nor in the surrounding community when Odor-Armor 420 is treating the exhaust.

The Results: Despite being initially very skeptical, both site management and the neighbors were now significantly impressed and convinced. Because this cannabis facility implemented an Odor-Armor 420 odor mitigation program, odor complaints have dropped off from over 30 per month to less than 2 per year. And more importantly, this particular site narrowly escaped being shut down for odor complaints. Key neighbors who were initially in strong opposition to the cannabis operation had now written and submitted letters of support to the judge, ENCOURAGING a permit renewal. The use of Odor-Armor 420, the Nasal Ranger data, and the community letters of support was all enough to convince the hearing judge to rule: 'Permit Granted.'

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