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Composting Process and Organic Fertilizers Production

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Illustrated explanation of two broad stages that are usually applied in most composting facility. First, composting process that convert raw compost into mature compost. Second, organic fertilizers production that convert mature compost into granulated fertilizers.

Feedstock for composting stage can be farm and animal husbandry wastes, biomass from plants, and biodegradables that have been sorted out from municipal solid waste. 

Each stage involve complex processes that are all optimized through controlled measures and suitable equipment. 

CV Wirajasa Teknik Industri has developed a number of granulated fertilizers plants in East Java, Central Java and East Kalimantan. A major project with a capacity of 50 tons per day has been designed and is to be constricted in eastern Indonesia.

Please contact SUhardiyoto Haryadi via email:for more information.

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