Convert Agriculture Waste Into Energy


India is mainly an agricultural county and is also the largest contributors in the GDP of the country. Agriculture provides employment to a huge population of the rural India. This was not the case suddenly post-independence in India. Various steps were taken to make India as a reliable agricultural country. Steps such as green revolution were taken in several five years plan. This has made India reliable in the field of agriculture. Now India not only produces agriculture products but also exports it to the other countries.  What are the steps that were taken to improve the production? Let’s know about them and how these steps are shaping our future. How energy requirements can be fulfill by converting the biomass waste into energy produced by agriculture.

Green Revolution: In the early fifties when the country was facing shortage of food grains despite of hug potential. There was something wrong in the method of production. We were using the old traditional methods of producing the food grains. Then the Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was quick to know and introduce many five years plane to make India a self reliable in the production of food grains. The plane introduces use of modern machinery and tools in the agricultural sector. Better seeds were introduced and quality fertilizers were used to increase the food productivity. By introducing these quick steps in the method of farming the result was good and surplus food grain production also helps in exporting the food grain and help in earning the foreign exchange too.

What it has got to do with the energy production?

You all are thinking, what is the link between agriculture productivity and energy production. As we all know that agriculture produces waste. After harvesting a crop the agriculture waste is either burn down or thrown away. The waste which we think is of no use actually has a lot of energy stored inside it. The energy could be used in Biomass briquetting machine to produce briquettes. These briquetting blocks are used by the industrial boiler in order to produce electricity through steam.

Waste can be used as a biogas

The agriculture waste is used as raw material for producing the biogas. The biogas is produce through the decomposition of plant and animal waste. The gas which is produced can be used for various household needs and are can replace the LPG. It is much cheaper than LPG as it requires one time installation of the biogas plant.

As a bio fuel

Bio fuel is the requirement of today. Bio fuel has proved that it has got the potential to replace the gasoline.  Transport system running in bio fuel which is produced by the cultivation of crops. Crops like sugarcane, wheat; soybean has got huge potential of producing the bio fuel. In comparison to fossil fuels bio fuel emits less pollution in the environment. Bio fuel is also considered as a renewable source if energy too. In comparison to fossil fuel bio fuel require less time to manufacture and use.


States like Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and others also are using the agriculture waste in its full capacity. States like Punjab is leading the way.  Converting the recycled waste into energy requirements not only solves the problems of power needs but helps in saving the cost of the energy requirements.

Green revolution which was mainly introduced to increase the productivity of food grains has also facilitated in the production of energy through recycling the agriculture waste

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