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Corn stover using as a fuel in america


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In the world, US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and so on, many countries grow corn, Case Study of Mozambique. Mozambique's main food crops are corn, rice, sorghum and cassava, corn is the staple food of Africans across the country are producing. Both of Corn stover and Corncob can be biomass fuel like straw, Corn stover biomass fuel boiler and corncob fired boiler is common in those years.

Corn stover using as a fuel in Mozambique

Corn Stover is the stalk and leaf residues from harvesting maize for grain, and it may be used as a biomass source in the same ways as straw. Handling and storage of corn stover is less well established than for cereal straw, and can be less efficient. In Mozambique, The source of corn stover and corncob is so much, Biomass such as corn stover is a renewable source of fuel to produce energy because:waste residues will always exist, Corn stover fired boiler can be used in many industrial for sterilization, for example Flour mill, corn processing plants, food plants, beverage plants, starch factory, Feed Factory, Dairy processing plant.

The corn stover fired boiler Specification

corn stover steam boiler capacity: 2-35 ton.
corn stover hot water boiler capacity: 1.4-24.5MW.
corn stover power plant boiler: 4-75 ton.
Corn stover biomass boiler pressure: 0.7-5.82Mpa(7 bar-58 Bar).
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