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Custom Made Pond Liners for Shrimp Farm Ponds in Indonesia


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Custom made pond liners are the geomembrane pond liner products produced in the factory with customer’s special requirements. The custom pond liners are best choice to avoid seam leakage and for easy installation. are made with advanced technology that produces more consistent welds under controlled production conditions. Custom made pond liners are the ideal option for particular projects with limited size, shape and usage. Some fish or shrimp farm are often chose custom made pond liners as the anti seepage lining geotechnical materials. Indonesia is one of the world’s leading shrimp farming countries. For shrimp farmers, the quality of shrimp ponds directly affects the survival rate and yield of shrimp. If the shrimp pond is not exposed, the water quality will be affected by the soil, making the water more turbid, and the shrimp drink turbid water, which will naturally affect the health of the body. Some shrimp farming ponds often use cement gypsum, bricks and the like, the cost of materials is much more than the HDPE geomembrane pond liner. The time and cost spent are much more than the addition of geomembrane pond liner. So custom made pond liners are the cost effective geotechnical products for shrimp farm pond, the cost of geomembrane pond liner is much lower than the cost of cement and brick, it takes a short time, and can be put into use very quickly. BPM brand custom made pond liners have excellent anti-penetration performance and obvious water storage performance which can prevent water in the fish pond from infiltrating into the soil, and the water level is effectively controlled. This will increase the survival rate of the shrimps, and there will be no chemicals in the ground that are not very good for the shrimps to enter the water.

Our Indonesia customer wanted to purchase custom made pond liners for his shrimp farming ponds to reduce cost and install easily. BPM is the professional geomembrane pond liner manufacturer who has offered many solutions to effectively maintain the stability of water quality, reduce the change of water conditions, effectively avoid the oxygen in the water into the soil, thus maintaining the oxygen content and the speed of rapid fishing. The speed of cleaning the shrimp pond can be greatly accelerated, which can effectively maintain the freshness of the shrimp and avoid the death of a large number of shrimps. Through our introduction to our customer, our Indonesian customer accepted our advice, and placed the order for 0.5mm HDPE custom made pond liners, and successfully installed 60,000 square meters of geomembrane pond liner under our guidance.
Specifications of  Custom Made Pond Liners for Shrimp Farm Ponds in Indonesia
  • HDPE Shrimp pond liner thickness – 0.5 mm
  • Total Quantity – 60,000 Square meters
  • Each roll Size – 7mm*200m
  • Standard – ASTM GM13 standard
About BPM

As the the professional geomembrane manufacturer and supplier, BPM has been dedicated to supplying one stop geomembranes and services to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2010. Our main innovative, high quality geosynthetics products include geomembranesgeotextiles, geocells, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), drainage boards, geogrids, etc. All BPM brand HDPE geomembranes have passed the  certificates of the ISO9001, ISO14001, TUV, Soncap, SASO, BV certificates and the test of SGS and Intertek etc.  Our geomembrane products have been exported to over 36 countries.

BPM geomembranes mainly include Smooth Geomembrane HDPE Liner, Textured, Composite Geomembrane Liner, etc. BPM is also providing professional design and installation service. OEM and ODM are also available. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please fill and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible.

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