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Digitizing Farms for Traceability - Case Study


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This is the case of one of India’s leading farmers’ producer company consisting of a collective group of 8000+ marginal farmers who grow fruits and vegetables on less than one hectare of land. They started growing grapes with the intent to sell the same to exporters and were faced with the challenge of meeting the strict requirements on traceability, compliance & quality control set by the exporters.


  • CropIn helped the company overcome these challenges by:
  • Providing end to end traceability from farm to fork
  • Capturing data, along with visuals, at all levels from pre-sowing till shipping
  • Creating system generated barcodes for each inventory item produced through the processing line. A consumer who buys grapes sourced from the company anywhere in the world will be able to trace it back to the exact farmer and the land that produced it.
  • Ensuring adherence to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and other international compliance standards

CropIn’s solutions helped the company become one of  the biggest exporters of grapes in India, managing more than 11,000  acres of land. The company has reached new heights of success and has successfully gained and retained the trust of the customers, suppliers and employees.

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