Drying Blueberries by Different Drying Methods

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Courtesy of Azeus Food Machinery

Sun drying, hot air drying, microwave drying, freeze drying, vacuum drying, vacuum-belt drying, and osmotic drying, among these dehydration technologies, you can choose a appropriate method for dehydrating blueberries.

Hot air circulation drying oven for blueberries
Hot air circulation drying oven is a kind of widely-used hot air drying machines for blueberries dehydration. It is working by the fan and heater device to realize circulatory hot air supply to remove the moisture content of blueberries.
We manufacture quality hot air circulation drying oven that can be powered by electricity, steam, far infrared and hot water. And we can customize the dehydrating oven based on customers’ requirements on the working capacity. Here is the video of the operation of hot air circulation fruit drying oven.

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