Drying Technology Research for Vegetable Powder Production


Experiment shows that hot-air drying at the temperature of 60℃ is the best drying method for quality vegetable powder production, and the finshed vegetable powders with diameter≤0.125μm have good stability and reconstituability.

Vegetable processing mainly includes pickled canning, drying, freezing, juicing and so on, but these processed products have a limited application area. As people’s life quality increases and their diet structure changes, vegetable powder, one of the vegetable processing products, has become a hot topic in the vegetable processing research worldwide. Vegetable powder, the particle product which is dehydrated from raw vegetable material. It has a wide market as baby food and as the important sources of vegetable supplements for people who are always on a business trip or others who eat fewer vegetable. It can be directly consumed as instant vegetable juice, or as an additional ingredient to change traditional food into a new, special one in which the raw vegetable material seems to disappear, such as vegetable noodles, vegetable biscuits&snacks.
Drying technology of vegetable powder includes freeze-drying, spray drying, vacuum drying, hot-air drying, etc. The processing experiments of fresh leafy vegetable are vacuum drying and hot-air drying, by comparing the powder quality. Finally, choose the best drying technology for the practical production of vegetable powder.

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