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Edible flowers greenhouses monitored, controlled with AgroAmitec


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Not far from Tel Aviv Mr. and Mrs. Simon Mizrahi grow edible flowers which they export worldwide.

In order to assure high quality and high yields, free of diseases, which is ready for the market on schedule -Mr. Mizrcahi grows his crop in greenhouse that are being monitored and controlled using AGROAMITEC Climate Control which was developed in co-operation with Volcani Center ARO - Agricultural Research Organization (the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture)

The conditions in the Greenhouse has to be closely and accurately monitored in order to prevent favorable growth conditions for diseases, and at the same time facilitate optimal growing conditions for optimal growth yields.

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Mizrachi chose AGROAMITEC CLIMATE CONTROL in order to monitor and control the climate conditions at the greenhouse.

The system that was developed in conjunction with Dr. Arbel closely monitors and accurately controls the conditions at the greenhouse year round, including the hot months of summer season.  Mr. Mizrahi pointed out that this is the first year he managed to work inside the Greenhouse throughout the entire summer season including July and August.

AGROAMITEC is an all-inclusive system that manages the greenhouse controlled protocol efficiently including switching between protocols thus assuring efficient utilization of all available resources including opening the ruff, side curtains, fans, high pressure fogging, moisture control system.

The system acquires information from a computerized system that aids in setting the different dynamic set points that are adjusted throughout the day thus assuring optimal growth conditions.  The system's data is been displayed on an ON LINE internet page.  The data includes the green house different measured parameters, and alerts are sent via email and SMS message much before the optimal growing conditions are disrupted.

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