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Features of impulse sprinkling technology


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The principle of non-stop water supply to plants and soil in accordance with their water intake is progressive. Drip irrigation and impulse sprinkling correspond to this principle. Drip irrigation provides optimal water and nutrient regimes directly to the root system of plants. However, this irrigation is not effective enough under conditions of high temperature (over 25–35 °C) as growth processes are known to slow down and photosynthesis to cease, consequently affecting the yielding capacity. Impulse sprinkling provides optimal moisture level in the given layer, improved microclimate in the plant environment and water regime of plants within the whole vegetation period and is most effective within daytime. Through improvement of microclimate and plants' water regime within periods of high temperature and low air humidity under the conditions of South Kazakhstan, the technology of impulse sprinkling enabled increasing productivity of a clonal rootstock mother plantation for the 3 years of research on average by 19.4% compared to regular sprinkling. The applied technology provided optimization of layers' growth and development conditions upon decrease of the moistening of the soil layer of mother plantation bushes for derogation of their water regime after hilling the grown root layers.

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