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Fish feed extrusion production process

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Fish feed is of great significance worldwide, with steady growth in production and continuous development in processing methods. New equipment and technologies have increased the value of raising fish feed and pet food.

Preparation of pellets
The most important feature of the pellet is durability, crushing strength and water-resistance. The following factors ensure the stability of a grain:

- solid adhesive medium, e.g., powdered milk, sugar, or carbamide, developed by steaming or heating of starch

- connection of interface strengths of liquid between the grains

- adhesion - capillary suction effect between two grains.


Extruders for Feed Production

Fish feed Extruders are the machinery used to produce extruded petfood, (floating) extruded aquatic feeds and extruded animal feeds.


The extrusion cooking process, because it leads to high levels of gelation of starch, results in a feed with good water stability. It can produce expanded floating feed and sinking pellets.The process also improves the digestibility of the product. However, extrusion cookers are usually very large and expensive to buy and operate.


Feeds with ingredients such as soybean meal and grains are more digestible and thus more nutritious. A floating feed is prepared by using an extruder and a sinking feed with high water stability, which can also be prepared by an extrusion mechanism. In some cases, extruders are only used to prepare feed materials, such as soybean dry extrusion.


Basically, an extruder is a long tube with an internal auger designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures on the feed mixture. When the feed leaves the die head at the end of the cylinder, the captured steam is quickly blown out, and the soft warm particles expand, resulting in low-density floating particles. The extruder has a wide range of USES and can be used to produce feeds with many different characteristics.


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