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From animal manure to artificial fertilizer and clean water - Case Study


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Nijhuis Industries uses GENIAAL to convert raw manure or digestate into biobased phosphate, nitrogen and potassium fertilizer and clean water.

GENIAAL is based on the production of valuable biobased fertilizers from raw manure and digestate and will therefore make an important contribution to solving the manure and phosphate surplus in the Netherlands as a cost-effective, innovative and sustainable solution. The solution was awarded the Jan Terlouw Innovation Award in October 2016.

Prolonged pilot research has shown that GENIAAL is a reliable solution and with a scale of 50,000 to 100,000 tons of manure per year gives a processing price which is significantly lower than the current manure processing prices in the Netherlands. At the moment, Nijhuis, in cooperation with Groot Zevert fermentation from Beltrum, is building the first large-scale GENIAAL plant for 100,000 tons of manure (manure from around 60-80 farms).

Using GENIAAL, manure or digestate is separated into a thick and a thin fraction after manure fermentation by means of a decanter technology without the use of a polymer, with which Nijhuis responds to the new legislation that uses polymer as of 1 January 2017. Germany forbid. The thin fraction is then further worked up by means of flotation technique, which Nijhuis is world market leader, with the majority of suspended solids being removed from the thin fraction.

After this, effective treatment by means of a Nijhuis ammonia stripper is possible with which a pure nitrogen fertilizer is produced. This technique has also been realized full-scale at a turkey processor in England and tested at Groot Zevert Vergisting.

Then, with an innovative membrane filtration installation, the liquid is converted into concentrated organic potassium fertilizer and clean water. The water may be discharged directly into the surface water or possibly used against desiccation or as process water in the industry.

Facts and Figures
Between 60% and 80% of the total volume of the raw manure or digestate can immediately be discharged as clean water on the surface water which is much higher than comparable systems. This is because the products that are made are much more concentrated (8-15% nitrogen instead of 1-2% nitrogen in the nitrogen fertilizer and 10% potassium instead of 1-2% potassium in the potassium fertilizer). The nitrogen fertilizer produced does not contain water at all. In this way much more dischargeable clean water can be produced.

Project phase: engineering

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