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Fruit juice


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Country: USA
Problem: Shock Loading
Product: BFL 5200VP


A large orange juice plant has peak production between January and March. During this period the plant was subject to shocks from press liquors which caused upsets to the plant. The plant operates to an NPDES discharge permit.

Wastewater Treatment System

The wastewater treatment facility comprises an equalization basin followed by 2 aeration basins which operate in parallel followed by 2 secondary clarifiers. The daily flow is 7,570m3


  • Regular shock loadings due to juice press liquor
  • Biomass wiped out occasionally
  • Difficulty in meeting NPDES permit

Treatment Objectives

  • Improve final effluent TSS
  • Introduce a stable biomass that is more resistant to shock loads and if stressed recovers quickly
  • Achieve NPDES discharge permit

Treatment Programme

The biological product selected consists of a specialized blend of micro-organisms that efficiently biodegrade sugars, celluloses, hemicelluloses, proteins, organic acids and other organic components of fruit processing wastewater. While juice press liquor spills are infrequent, when they do occur they cause plant upsets. So the treatment strategy used was to use a “bug farm” to acclimate the added microbes to the influent and to ensure they were at maximum activity and producing the required degradative enzymes when added to the system.


Dosing began on 3rd January 2001 with a controlled amount of acclimated bacteria added every 6 hours. During the 2001 production season the average daily influent COD load increased by 11% and was also more variable than in 2000. However the daily effluent COD discharge was reduced by 44% and showed less variability. While the average total suspended solids increased by 26% the final effluent TSS decreased by 61%.

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