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Golf Course Solutions - Case Study


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Problem. It’s a long way from the clubhouse’s coffee shop to the 18th hole. Furtively ducking into the nearby woods is an unsatisfactory answer to nature’s call, so mid-course comfort stations are necessities. But perc challenged soils and environmental considerations can preclude septic systems. Sewer connections, utility electricity, and running potable water can be prohibitively expensive. Vault and portable chemical toilets offend the nose as well as the eye.

Solution. An odorless Phoenix Composting Toilet System, installed in a prefabricated toilet building whose architecture is compatible with the rest of the country club. The waterless Phoenix cannot be damaged by temperatures below freezing, and can be powered by a small photovoltaic solar electric system.

Advantages. The pleasant and odorless facility eliminates the random discharge of biological wastes into the rough, protecting both the course’s environment and the ability of golfers to concentrate on their game. Prefabrication of the automated building in our climate controlled factory compresses the project’s time frame, produces consistent high quality, greatly reduces on-site construction impacts, and keeps costs down.

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