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Grand Canyon Sweet - Hikers Along Kaibab Sing of Phoenix`s Praises - Case Study


Courtesy of Advanced Composting Systems LLC (ACS)

Toilets must be odorless as well as available. At sun-baked Tipoff along Grand Canyon National Park’s famed Kaibab Trail, olfactorily gifted hikers could not endure the evilsmelling vault toilets. Little spotted white “paper flowers” stained the landscape.

At Tipoff, ACS installed three odorless, waterless, Phoenix composting toilets in a prefabricated, maintenance-friendly building. ACS also installed Phoenix equipped buildings along the Kaibab at Cedar Ridge and Supai Tunnel.

Prefabricating the structures improved quality while significantly reducing on-site construction impacts and costs.

Now that hikers doing the Kaibab have access to odorless toilets, those little white “paper flowers” have disappeared.

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