Guarding against subsoil lifting case study


Courtesy of NAUE GmbH & Co.KG

Bentofix secures Weinmann and Schanz’s new logistics center in Balingen
Businesses often select locations based upon infrastructure advantages. Logistics centers, in particular, play an important role. This was the case for Weinmann & Schanz in Balingen, located in the Swabian Alps, Germany. The site choice had a number of difficult problems, but Bentofix solved them. Rock layers are complex. Although it may sound trivial,they can torpedo construction in Balingen in Upper Swabia.

When planning the construction of a new logistics center, engineers discovered a Lias rock layer in the new structure’s intended foundation site. This rock increases its volume by dehydration, which increases pressure on the foundation and can potentially damage the entire structure. After intensive discussion, a special solution was found utilizing NAUE Bentofix. A geosynthetic clay  liner (GCL) can ensure a constant moisture level with the ground  and is very economical to install. Encapsulating a  potentially dangerous layer In Balingen, this innovative geosynthetic solution involved the encapsulation of the rock layers that were at risk of drying out.

The sealing product used was NAUE Bentofix X2 BFG 5300, a polymer-coated GCL that’s  characterised by extremely low permeability. The installed  GCL over the subgrade and under the concrete foundation minimizes, if not even prevents evaporation processes in the  sealed zone.

The potential threat of structural damage to the  foundation due the potential risk of volume increase of the Lias rock during dehydrationwas mitigated. Bentofix provided numerous welcomed benefits. One of them was that the installed Bentofix qualified as an smooth and flat surface for  the installed insulation under the concrete slab. Additional security was derived from the multi-functionality of the GCL’s composite structure. The high-swelling bentonite component of Bentofix acts as a 'self-sealing' barrier, in the event that the robust polymer coating is accidentally damaged. And the polymer coating ensures that the bentonite and the surrounding soil layer remain hydrated with a more or less constant moisture content. Overall, the 24,000 m² warehouse and logistics center  in Balingen was made possible with Bentofix X2 BFG 5300.

Construction took place over a short period (March - October 2010) and provided an economical, high-quality solution. The site has been given permanent protection against a dangerous drying out of the rock below. Valuable property has been made more so with Bentofix.

Year of construction: 2010
City / Country: Balingen, Germany
Installed products:
Bentofix X2 BFG 5300 24.000 m²

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