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How pet cremation has changed … for the better


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Over the past few years, no industry has progressed to quite the same degree as pet cremation(if you discount IT of course) and much of this development simply has to be attributed to the efforts and influence of Matthews Environmental Solutions. Without any doubt, our unrivalled expertise in the understanding, design and engineering of innovative pet cremation equipment has undoubtedly been the major power behind this global growth in technical and ethical advancement.

Not too many years ago pet cremators were built very much on the same lines as industrial waste incineration technology. Back then it was the case that several animals were usually cremated within a single chamber. Yes, it was undoubtedly efficient, but as the expectations of pet owners and pet crematorium operators changed, then so too did pet cremation equipment.

Over recent years it has become increasingly important for owners to be able to reclaim the ashes of their beloved pets. This, of course, has meant that pet cremation equipment has had to adapt in order to fulfil this requirement. It has also become important to enable some owners the opportunity to witness the final journey of their pet. Again this has necessitated that today’s pet cremation equipment itself now has to adopt a more aesthetically acceptable appearance instead of the old ‘industrial’ engineering look that it once had.

One of the other immensely important pet cremation equipment developments we have pioneered at Matthews has been the concept of multi-chamber units and in particular the availability of bespoke configurations that incorporate a number of different size cremation chambers within a single system. This has provided pet crematorium operators with the facility to process different size pets (ranging from the smallest hamster, guinea pig or cat up to a large horse) within ideal sized chambers. The result is that the pet creation installation becomes more effective, more efficient, more personal and more economic.

Today there are in excess of 4,500 Mathews pet cremation equipment installations that are in regular operation in over 50 countries all around the world. These include our Surefire® and Matthews IEB ranges, plus many, many more bespoke solutions that have been designed and engineered specifically to match the precise requirements of individual pet crematorium operators.

Every single pet cremation equipment system we design; every system we engineer in our UK based workshops; every installation we complete and commission across the world is one hundred per cent guaranteed to comply with the very latest and most stringent international environmental and safety regulations and standards.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that Matthews has long been the driving force behind the development of today’s most advanced pet cremation equipment. That is why we remain unrivalled as the world’s most popular and most successful innovator and it is a position built on a unique history of success and achievement that we have no intention of relinquishing.

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