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Improved wheat grains storage


Improved wheat grains storage management

SmartScan25 was installed at the Israeli large flour mill to improve wheat grains storage management, save costs and reduce material losses. Israeli Mills Ltd, located in the city of Tel Aviv, is one of the leading local flour providers. The mill produces various types of wheat products such as: bran, white flour, semolina and more, for local use.

The Problem

Wheat is received at the plant by trucks. The wheat is sampled and wheat quality is tested for moisture, weight, foreign materials, insect infestation and sprout damage. After testing is completed and if the quality is acceptable, the wheat is loaded to one of the grain loading bins. The chief plant engineer sought a measuring solution that will enable the plant to fully control the wheat grains level in these storage bins. In the past, the measuring grain level required the engineers to physically inspect the bin. This inspection was not accurate and not timely.  

The plant considered using an ultrasonic level sensor to measure the wheat grains in the bin. Typically, ultrasonic level sensors are sensitive to acoustic noises. In addition, the environment inside the grain pit is usually dusty which might cause disturbances to an ultrasonic wave. Motors and pumps surrounding the bin create noises and vibrations to the ground where the bin is located. Finally, after filling the bin, the wheat grains surface is uneven creating an echo loss and inaccurate readings.

The Solution

The plant installed a SmartScan25 unit on top of large 19 meters (62.3ft) long, grains storage bins. SmartScan25 is a two part system with sensor at the bin and control/display unit located at a remote convenient location such as office. SmartScan25 operates at a low frequency of 25 KHz allowing long range measurements up to 40 meters and allowing measurements of solids such as grains and powder. The sensor was located over a metal mesh covering the bin opening. The control unit was placed in a remote control desk. SmartScan25 is equipped with a special feature that eliminates acoustic interferences and noises, and therefore enables accurate and continuous measurement results. SmartScan25 low frequency allows it to avoid dust and other particles that present in the bin. SmartScan is connected to the PLC via its 4-20mA analog output, thus providing actual readings of the grains level to the control desk. Plant engineers are now able to view measurement results locally on the LCD screen of SmartScan25, accurately and at any time.

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