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Is Tree Plantation Sustainable?


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According to, say oxford dictionary, Sustainability is that capacity or ability of something that enables it to maintain itself. It includes taking some initiative today that might have long-term benefit. If something you are doing is said to be “sustainable”, it should have the ability to continue forever. So is tree plantation sustainable? Living sustainability refers to us, the human beings living within the means provided by our environment, or ecosystem, while making sure our living style doesn’t harm other cultures and societies. You can always tell when an act being carried out is sustainable or not, for instance extinction of various species of animals due to human activities and changes in the sea-salt due to changes in the land, also caused by us, the homo sapiens.

While you might think that growing a tree in your lawn will add up to the beauty of your house, you will probably overlook the benefits it will provide to the whole environment around you. Some of these are mentioned below:

Lawn Aesthetics/Maintenance

Trees provide for your home energy bills as well as add to the aesthetics of your lawn. They also help in keeping your family healthy, preventing the environment around your house from various kinds of infections. Trees purify the air with oxygen and hence promote a healthy living. However, it is very important that you take care of the trees growing around your house and keep a proper check of the soil. For if a healthy tree provides you with purified air, a decaying one also emits carbon dioxide, which is hazardous. While if you keep trimming your new tree, it will make it healthier, over-shaping it might cause damage. Other advantages the trees growing in your garden are protection from direct sunlight, improvement of water consumption and hence a soil that produced much greener lawn and in case of fruit bearing tree, a lot of fresh food for a lifetime.

Energy Saving Advantages

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a healthy young tree has the ability of providing us with a cooling effect which is equivalent to around 10, room-sized ACs that had been operating twenty hours every day. While it's true that it takes a while for a newly planted tree to get to that part, it still is one of the lowest cost investments for a healthier future. They say that planting trees is more like putting your money in a saving account, however, in case of tree, the return and benefit is very slow and long-term; however, it is pretty fruitful.

Natural Environment Purifier

Tree plantation has a very good impact on your energy bill, at the same time, sustainable gardening adds up to the whole environment around you. Trees have the ability to absorb the free flying gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide then goes through the famous photosynthesis and provides us with the oxygen that we breathe in. According to a research, a single tree has the capacity of cleaning around 330 pounds of carbon dioxide per year!

This is one main reason why growing trees is considered as sustainable gardening. - Enviro Frontier Tree Management - Best Places to Buy Kratom - White IndoKratom Guides 

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