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Keeping Track Of Pomegranates


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Keeping Track of Pomegranates

Growing pomegranates is quite a new industry in Australia and Goulburn Valley growers Pomlife are leading the way as Australia’s largest growers.

Pomegranates are slow to reach maturity  (up to six years) and can be challenging to grow.  Pomlife are not only growing for the fresh fruit market but are value adding by packaging arils (seeds) and juice for sale in the fresh food isles of the supermarket.

GrowData has worked with Pomlifes’ General Manager of Operations, Etienne Theart to smooth out the harvest recording process and traceability of bins as they are delivered into the packing shed.

Keeping Track Of Pomegranates

Bins are recorded by a barcode scanner – who picked it, which block it came from, the net weight and what cool room it went into. When the bin is tipped the barcode is read again and the batch code is then recorded against the bin in GrowData production screen.

GrowData’s packing program then records all the pallets from the pack out and what container type, size and quality and quantity are on each pallet. When the pallets are dispatched a con note is raised for each customer thus completing the traceability trail from block to end customer. The con notes can also be exported into their accounting software to create the invoice.

If you would like to tidy up your traceability from block to customer call our office to discuss options that will suit your circumstances.

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