LG Sound, controlling algae in irrigation reservoirs

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Algae growth in irrigation water can cause a serious problem. Algae in irrigation tanks can clog the entire irrigation system, such as the pumps, filters, drip-installation and sprinkler nozzles. Besides that the algae and their by-products can also be spread over the irrigated area. In addition, some types of fungi, also present in these waters, can be harmful for the plants grown.

Typical methods to control algae in irrigation can be copper sulphate, chlorine and other chemicals. The other option is to manually remove the algae from the reservoirs. Using chemicals is not beneficial to the environment, and often harmful for the crops irrigated. Besides that frequent dosage is necessary. Manually removing the algae is cumbersome and expensive.

The LG Sonic uses the newest ultrasound techniques to inhibit the growth of algae and prevent the growth of unwanted fungi in your water reservoirs. The LG Sonic products are very easy to install. The transducer and float are being placed inside the water reservoir. The units can be turned on by connecting them to the power supply (electrical or solar).

In operation the units will emit ultrasonic sound waves, which are inaudible for humans. The ultrasound waves will travel through the water reservoir, bringing algal cells in vibration on its path. When brought into vibration these algal cells may rupture leading to the death of the algae. In most cases the algae will sink to the bottom of the water reservoir, from where they can easily be removed. Further, the growth of new algae will be inhibited resulting in cleaner water and less blockage of filters, drip- and sprinkler installations. In addition, irrigation systems need fewer cleaning and thus become more cost and labour effective.

Another organism affected by LG Sonic ultrasound techniques is Pythium, the fungus that infects and damages plant roots. The ultrasound interferes with various stages of the pythium lifecycle: the zoosporangia in which the zoospores develop, the zoospores that develop into Pythium, the vesicles that contain the zoospores when they leave the sporangium, and so on. In addition, the ultrasound, by killing the algae, disrupts the ecological system in the water that might favor Pythium growth.

Benefits of the LG Sonic:

  • Controls algae
    Algae growth in water reservoirs can be controlled without chemicals or labor with the LG Sonic technology. The sound signals produced by the LG Sonic technology is so strong that it can even control algae in reservoirs with a low retention time.
  • Prevent clogging of filters
    It is mostly algae that clog filters, drip installations and nozzles. Prevent frequent maintenance to your system due to algal growth with the LG Sonic technology.
  • Also effective in tanks with a low retention time
    LG Sonic uses the Dc-Mf technologyTM which enables the devices to affect several different algal species within a second. Therefore the LG Sonic technology works fast and efficient enough to be applied in tanks with a low retention time.
  • No maintenance
    The LG Sonic devices are almost maintenance free.
  • Easy to install
    Placement of the LG Sonic devices involves only placing the device in the water and turning it on.

About LG Sonic

LG Sonic is a product of LG Sound. LG Sound, founded in the Netherlands is the world-wide producer and seller of the LG Sonic algae control systems. After more then 10 years of research LG Sound now produces the most efficient, innovative and effective systems to control algae without chemicals. LG Sound still has her head quarters based in the Netherlands and has world-wide 3 offices, based in the UAE and the USA.

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