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Method for Trimming Riccia fluitans and Glossostigma elatinoides

Riccia fluitans and Glossostigma elatinoides are the two most common varieties in the aquatic plant world, and they are the species that people prefer more when they choose to plant water grass.

When breeding such kinds of aquatic plant species, in addition to scientific and reasonable care, but also regular trimming. Cut off the aging and rotten leaves, so that the new leaves can grow normally, and let the water plant always maintain a beautiful and tough status.

For Glossostigma elatinoides, it is like a green velvet carpet, and the emerald green luster can always amaze people's eyes as if people are sloping on the green grassland, breathing the fragrance of green grass.


It is not easy to maintain the whole area of Glossostigma elatinoides. When the Glossostigma elatinoides grow too dense, the lower grass will rot and rot because they cannot reach the light. So the method of trimming the Glossostigma elatinoides is that When the growth is too dense, the leaves should be trimmed directly from the top, and the new leaves will grow back after trimming.


This kind of trimming method depends on the environmental conditions and the frequency of trimming times. But the maximum is 2-3 times. After multiple trimming, the new leaves will no longer grow, or the leaves become smaller. At this time, it needs to be replanted.

Riccia fluitans is like an elf in the water. Bubbles will pop up from the end of the leaf, like a layer of crystal clear pearl, dazzling and charming. Makes people fascinated in looking at it.


Riccia fluitans is a rootless aquatic plant, which needs to be fixed with plastic net or cotton thread when planting. And when it reaches a thickness, if without trimming, it will float to the surface like a cloud.

Since Riccia fluitans produces many oxygen bubbles during photosynthesis, it will increase the buoyancy of aquatic plants. The water plants at the bottom will also turn wither-yellow or even rot because they cannot reach the light; When the buoyancy is too strong, the water plants will float to the water surface.


So when trimming, we can use thinning methods, just like trimming the hair to make multiple layers. Trimming with water grass scissors at an oblique angle, only trim a part of the water grass, and the top growth parts could not completely be trimmed or destroyed.

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This kind of trimming does less damage to the moss, and the water grass recovers faster.


Different species of aquarium plant mesh have differences when trimming. We can make effective trimming methods according to the specific form of the water plant and the specific setting of the planted tank, so that the water plant can also fully show its beauty and toughness.



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