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Modern egg production with enriched colony systems - Case Study


Courtesy of Big Dutchman

Rubén Martínez García, innovative egg producer from the Spanish municipality of San Lorenzo de la Parilla, owns two poultry farms 150 kilometres south west of Madrid. On one of these farm, Martínez García keeps 300,000 laying hens in enriched colony systems. The housing equipment: the Eurovent 2240-EU, a new generation of enriched colony systems developed by the German poultry equipment supplier Big Dutchman. The second farm is still in the construction phase and will have places for 75,000 layers upon completion – free-range egg production in this case. Martínez García has decided to install Big Dutchman equipment in this house as well.

Outstanding feature of the Eurovent 2240-EU: The feed trough is now situated inside the system so that the hens can feed from both sides of the trough. With this improvement, the poultry equipment supplier satisfies its customers’ request for wider systems: Group sizes of up to 54 hens per compartment significantly lower the costs for effective egg production.

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