Molasses Tanks For Effective Storage Of Molasses and Liquid Fertilizer


Courtesy of ENDURAMAXX

As the UK’s sugar beet harvest is still underway, molasses production is also at its yearly high. 50% sugar by weight, beet molasses contain calcium, potassium, oxalate and chloride, making for an ideal base for a number of animal feeds over the winter.

Correct storage of molasses is vital and the Enduramaxx range of Molasses Tanks are manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene and come with molded lugs in the roof of the tank to enable easy lifting and which can also be used as tie down points.

Also suitable for liquid fertilizer storage, Enduramaxx supplies tanks to suit all sizes of operation starting from 1250 litres, through to a whopping 25000 litre capacity. Tough and durable, their ribbed design provides added strength, as well as an attractive appearance. The molasses tanks come in natural, being translucent, which allows for viewing of liquid levels inside the tank.

For more information on the effective storage of molasses, molasses tanks and our wider range of plastic water tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks, please get in touch.

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