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Netting Alternatives for Cherry Trees & Wine Grapes

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  • Scare away unwanted birds
  • Give birds something else to eat
  • Implement liquid bird repellent

Your cherry trees and wine grapes are more than just tasty for you and your family, they’re also delicious snacks for hungry birds. Don’t waste your time and money with ineffective nets to protect your fruit. Instead, try these effective alternatives to bird netting.

Scare Tactics

Instead of netting your wine grapes and cherry trees, try implementing a bird scare tactic. These scare tactics come in a variety of forms to help protect your property from best birds and geese. Here’s a brief breakdown of the main types of bird scare tactics to help you decide what is right for your property.

Visual Deterrents: Including windsocks, predatory bird decoys and reflective surfaces, visual deterrents trick birds into fearing your property. While sometimes effective, birds will eventually wise up to your trickery and no longer see these visuals as a threat.

Sound Machines: Sound can also be used to scare birds from your cherries and grapes through the use of predatory or distressed bird calls. However, the constant sound produced by this method can often become frustrating for surrounding people and wildlife.

Provide Alternative Food Sources

Instead of covering your fruit with netting, try giving them something else to snack on. Placing bird feeders filled with seed or grain on the outskirts of your property could prevent feathered thieves from stealing your fruit.

On the other hand, this method could potentially draw more birds to your property, providing them direct access to your wine grapes and cherry trees.

Implement Liquid Bird Control

Liquid bird control sprays provide lasting, effective bird prevention for a variety of industries. Non-lethal and non-toxic, these sprays deter birds from your properties without causing any harm to the bird, your fruit or surrounding environment! Liquid bird control comes in a variety of forms, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Choose Avian Control Liquid Bird Repellent

For lasting bird control results, ditch the bird nets and choose Avian Enterprises. Safe for use around humans, animals and crops, our product Avian Control actively teaches birds to avoid your cherry trees and wine grapes long after the effects have worn off.

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