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Odour emissions from MSW composting process steps

This study brought to the definition and the calculation of Odour Emission Factors (OEFs), which enable the estimation of odour emissions from a composting plant by relating the quantity of odour emitted to the atmosphere to a given associated activity. The results show that the aerobic biological treatment has the highest odour impact, with an OEF of 1.4 ? 108 ouE t−1. Moreover, the efficiency values that were measured on the odour abatement systems adopted in the monitored plants are presented: Biofilters have an average efficiency value of 93.88%, whereas scrubbers have very variable efficiencies, with an average value of 44.12%.

Keywords: odour emission factors, OEF, odour concentration, odour emission rate, OER, odour impact, composting, odour abatement systems, OAS, biofilters, scrubbers, municipal solid waste, solid waste compost

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