PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

Our PVC fiber reinforced hose is used to transport water,gas,oil in agriculture and industry and Convey solid particles in mines,engineering etc.

Cover: clear smooth pvc

Reinforcement: multiple layers of synthetic yarns

Tube: clear smooth PVC

Temperature: -5 ℃ to +65℃

Good adaptability to hard condition and minus pressure,small bending radius,anti-abrasion, Anti-uv.

Passed the ROHS,PAHS test.

PVC Spray Hose

PVC spray hose is composed of double polyester and three PVC layers, so can work under high working pressure. It is light, wearable, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and anti-bending

PVC Air Hose

Characteristics: light –weight, wear resistance, erosion resistance, good flexibility
Working Temperature: -5°C-65°C

PVC Garden Hose

Apply to: garden irrigation, vehicle washing

PVC garden hose is flexible hose used to convey water for garden. The hose is made of smooth black tube and green cover reinforced with high tensile polyester.

The hose is light, colorful, flexible and all-weather resistance. It's an ideal products for garden irrigation.

PVC Gas Hose

Apply to: convey gas and liquid under low pressure. Specially suitable for LPG-6 in family.
Temperature: -10ºC ~65ºC
Characteristics: soft, elastic, bright and brilliant

Clear pvc wire reinforced flexible hose is made of pvc cover and pvc tube reinforced with polyester yarn.

PVC Welding Hose

Application: Being widely used in welding machine,architeture and lacquer factory
Temperature: -10℃(-50°F) to 65℃(+150°F)  

Two tubes welded together, light, elastic, easy to handle, anti-erosion. 

1.High tensile polyester reinforced
2.Work under high pressure 300psi
3.Strong peeling adhesion between fire and PVC
4.light,flexible,non-kinking,non-twisting,UV and ozone resistant, weather resistant
5.Can be used for jackhammer hoe

Our company is one of the most professional industrial hose manufacturers in China. And we are devoted to produce high quality hose China.