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Fanway Fish Feed Machinery

Reasonably Priced Fish Feed Pellet Machine in Nigeria

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Currently, fisheries and aquaculture continue to be crucial sources of food, nourishment, earnings and sustenance for hundreds of millions of people all over the world, especially for Nigerians. Fortunately, all the above datum also tell that there are big profits for Nigerian fishery, fish farmers, fish feed manufacturers and suppliers if they can use scientific methods to develop aquaculture, adjusting measures to local conditions and importing the reasonable-priced fish feed machines with good quality to remedy the inadequate supplies of fish feed.

In order to help provide the well-balanced fish feed pellets for fish farmers at cost-effective prices, FANWAY Fish Feed Machinery, a very professional fish feed production plant designer and manufacturer, has newly launched a series of fish feed machines with rational price and adequate quality based on the local market situations, including fish feed extruder, fish feed mixer, droplet fish feed crusher, fish feed hammer mill, fish feed dryer/cooler, and even fish feed pellet packaging machine, etc. For example, FANWAY provides wet type fish feed extruder to Nigeria at the prices from US$4 900 to US$34 000, depending on what production capacity the customers choose. Similarly, the prices of dry type fish feed extruder for Nigeria are lower, which can be provided from US$2 700 to US$29 000 as well relying on different production capacities. By the way, as the fish feed machine expert, we can customize the production capacities according to customers’ requirements. More specifically, the wet type fish feed extruder has capacities with 180-200kg/h, 300-350kg/h...1t-1.2t/h...3t-5t/h and so on, while dry type fish feed machine is able to produce feed at 60-80kg/h, 120-150kg/h...1.8t-2t/h, etc.

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