Revolution through fresh sugar cane juice centers

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This is quite common street business found everywhere in India. Sugarcane juice vendors extract sugarcane juice in presence of customers and serve the glasses of fresh juice to the people. Mostly this business is on the street, very rarely in shops. Small sugarcane crushers are mostly driven by 1 hp motor where repeated crushing is done many times to extract enough juice. Hand operated totally wooden crushers are also seen in the market and have become popular also.

 But now more sophisticated totally enclosed and hygienic stainless steel 3 roller crushers working on 1 hp electric motor have come in to market in which no fly or bee can touch to juice. So fully protected. These crushers are highly efficient not to require second crushing. Only one pass is enough to extract 63 to 65% juice recovery. Crushing capacity is 200 kg of sugarcane per hour. See you tube video link.

This new sugarcane crusher will bring revolution in sugar industry. At present India produces 35 crore tonnes of sugarcane out of which 25 crore tonnes is utilized for sugar making and rest of the 10 crore tonnes is used for jaggery making. So there is no any appreciable roll of fresh sugarcane juice vending business. This business should increase tremendously.
Sugarcane juice is the real AMRUT of this land. It has many good qualities. If sugarcane juice is taken regularly, malnutrition will be removed and people will be very healthy. Gandhiji wanted to see redness of rose on the children's chicks of the poor people. Gandhiji's dream can be realized if entire India drinks a glass of sugarcane juice, 250 ml in the morning and also in the evening.
If entire India, 120 crore people including children drinks one glass of 250 ml sugarcane juice, then 5 lakh tonnes of sugarcane will be consumed. If we drink same juice in the evening also, then 10 lakh tonnes of sugarcane will be consumed daily. Sugarcane season lasts 180 days, so 10 lakh tonnes daily x 180 days = 18 crore tonnes. But we produce sugarcane double than this figure. So top priority must be to provide two glasses of sugarcane juice everyday to every person of India including children to old people.

This is quite possible to provide juice glass to every person of India at Rs. 5/- per glass. If every person of India including babies consumes two glasses of AMRUT  of this land, then this land will become DEV BHOOMI with 120 crores DEV and DEVIYA. 
But most unluckily we are producing poison from the sugarcane. We are depriving this AMRUT from the people. We must reverse this situation.

So let us understand economics of sugarcane.

One acer of land will give 40 tonnes of sugarcane for a good crop. 40 tonnes of sugarcane will give 25 tonnes of sugarcane juice i.e. 25000 kg = 1 lakh juice glasses of 250 ml.
So we can understand that from 1 acer sugarcane 1 lakh glasses juice is produced. If we sell juice glass at Rs. 5/- then total income will be 5 lakh rupees. If 60% of this income goes to farmers, then income per acer is 3 lakh rupees. which is from 40 tonnes of sugarcane. So rate per tonne is Rs 7500/-. This is very good rate for farmers.  Then transport of sugarcane to cities and running sugarcane juice centers and profit of sugarcane juice centers will be from rest 40% cost. Everybody will make very good profit even by selling juice at Rs. 5/- per glass.
Now let us understand the economics of sugarcane juice centers.   

This new crusher can crush 200 kg of sugarcane per hour. So let us assume that 50% capacity is utilized, crushing 100 kg sugarcane per hour which will give say 63 kg of juice. Let us presume that during the day machine crushes 1000 kg of sugarcane giving 630 kg of juice. 1 kg juice will serve to 4 persons i.e. 250 ml juice per person. Then 630 kg of juice will serve 2500 persons.

Generally each glass of juice is sold at Rs. 10 per glass. But we must provide at Rs 5 only. Then 2500 glasses x Rs. 5/- per glass =  Rs.12500/-. 1000 kg of sugarcane will cost Rs.7500/-. If sugarcane is brought from far away villages, transport cost, labour and all other expenses will be Rs 2500/- per tonne. So juice center will earn Rs 2500 per day.  So net profit per day will be Rs. 2500 and monthly profit will be Rs 75000/-. Let us assume that 3 women will own this business. They may be wives of farmers also. So each woman will earn Rs.25000/- per month. Sugarcane season will continue for 6 months. So each woman will earn Rs. 1.5 Lakh in 6 months.
So women will be very happy, farmers will be very happy and people enjoying the juice will be very happy. Everywhere win win situation.

So naturally as this business is highly profitable, hundreds and thousands of such fresh juice centers should come up at every possible place.
Such machines must work in Lakh of numbers and fresh sugarcane juice must be made available at every street and corner of cities and towns and villages, at hospitals, at market yards, colleges, at cinema theatres, at gardens, at marriage place, at temples, at malls, at railway stations, at bus stations and also on highways. If there is no electricity, this juicer machine will work on 4 solar panels of 250 W each. So it can work anywhere.

As per my estimate, 10 Lakh such modern sugarcane juice centres can work throughout India. For every 2500 population, one sugarcane juicer should be installed. Each centre may crush 180 tonnes of sugarcane per season. 10 lakh such juice centres will totally crush 180 million tonnes. This is almost 50% utilization of sugarcane for fresh juice out of total sugarcane production of 350 million tonnes.
This is best utilization of sugarcane. It will also yield Bagasse which is cattle feed.

1 tonne of sugarcane will give 350 kg of bagasse. Each cow can eat 10 kg of bagasse as cattle feed by mixing something palatable to cows  such as a little salt or jaggery or molasses etc. So each juice center will serve to 35 cows to provide cattle feed to cows.

This should be free service to cows.

Rest of the 170 million tonnes of sugarcane must be utilized for sugar making and jaggery making in equal proportion in farms. So roughly 8 million tonnes of sugar will be produced and 11 million tonnes of jaggery will be produced

Almost 75% sugar factories will permanently close down because of non availability of sugarcane. It should be noted that sugar is creating 58 types of diseases. So better its consumption is drastically reduce.

When we utilize 50% sugarcane crop just for fresh juice and rest of the 50% for jaggery and sugar, it will be automatic people’s ban on sugar factories.

When we increase consumption of fresh sugarcane juice, naturally consumption of coca cola, pepsi etc will drastically reduce. Similarly increased consumption of fresh sugarcane juice will also reduce the sale of beer, wine, whisky etc considerably.

This will be unimaginable revolution and benefit to rural economy.

So this activity will also improve health standard of the country to very high level.
So 10 lakh fresh sugarcane juice centers will be real blessing to india. So every patriotic person worrying for villages must try to promote sugarcane juice centers.
Juice vending on the street should not be regarded as inferior business for poor people.
With modern sugarcane juicer, juice vending becomes highly profitable business making daily profit of Rs. 10000/-( of course with 10 Rupees per glass). And looking to the benefits of the sugarcane juice, this should be regarded as highly reputable business.
So all the enthusiastic people concerned for our country should jump in to this business.
1 million people will enjoy this business with very good profit and best humanitarian service.

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